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For the last decade, Rays Roof has accumulated clients whom we have served as a NYC roofing contractor. Throughout these years, our clients have been left with some of the best roofs in Queens a and reliant company who always has their backs. With the best prices in all the Queens area, we can certainly say that you are going to be left satisfied. We are fast and dependable for all your projects because we are the leading roofers in Queens.

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Ray’s Roof is a NYC Roofing contractor, which performs all types of New York roof repair, roof replacement, roof maintenance, waterproofing and leak repair in commercial, public and residential buildings.

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Ray’s Roof has an amazing reputation for leaving a trail of happy clients for our New York roof repair services. We always try our most hardest to  provide as amazing of a service as we can, to all our clients. Because of this we provide a wide array of services for all your roofing problems. You surely will be left glad that you chose Ray’s Roof for your NYC roofing CONTRACTOR needs and New York roof repair. Ray’s Roof has decades upon decades worth of experience when it comes to dealing with with many roofing issues, including inspections and roof installations, providing many high quality solutions to your roofing problems.

Ray’s Roof, a New York roof repair and NYC Roofing contractor has a professional reputation as a leading installation specialist in the New York City Area are proficient at installing many types of leading roofing products. Because of this, we offer so many services such a eavestrough cleaning, roof maintenance, roof installations, waterproofing, and more. Our knowledgeable staff works with manufacturers to provide specifications that assure a high quality finish.

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Ray’s Roof is known for being the best New york Roofing Contractor. Their intelligible knowledge and experience causes for them to be recognized residents all over queen and New York. Furthermore, you surely wont regret hiring Ray’s Roof for your roofing needs. Especially considering they are an amazing and reputable New York Roofing Contractor. Whether your gutters are clogged or you have a leaky roof that needs waterproofing or simply a roof that is due for an inspection, we can help with all your roofing issues.

Give us a call to take of your roofing needs today. We know for sure we will leave you satisfied because none of our clients have been left otherwise.

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Ray’s Roof is known as the best Queens New York Roofing Contractor. Our intelligible knowledge and experience causes for them to be recognized as the leading roofers in Queens. Furthermore, you surely wont regret hiring Ray’s Roof for your roofing needs. Especially considering they are amazing and reputable. Whether your gutters are clogged or you have a leaky roof that needs waterproofing or simply a roof that is due for an inspection, we can help with all your roofing issues.

Contact us now to take of your roofing needs today because without doubt we can say that we are the best roofers in Queens.

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Chimneys are very important for the house, it can leak very easily with missing and rusted flashing. We recommend by our years of experience to inspect it, flashing, bricks and motar between the bricks frequently. Our experienced and extremely hard working team is proud to serve you with quality and lasting services whenever your need a NYC roofing contractor.

Ray’s Roof is committed to providing the highest quality roofing and chimney repairs in Nassau County and NYC. Whether it be a chimney’s cleaning in Brooklyn, a roofing repair in Long Island, or a chimney’s liner installation in Queens, you will receive the same respect and workmanship we give to all of our customers.

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Eavestroughs, also called gutters, are on your house in order to direct water away from your foundation as well as to prevent water from coming down on you when walking around your house. Eaves are cleaned to remove multiple sources of debris that can cause blocks and downspout clogs that may lead to water damage, both outside and inside your home. It is important to prevent water build-up in your eaves because the weight can pull them away from your house in addition to causing eaves to prematurely rust.

We will come to your home or place of work, inspect and clean both the inside and outside of the eaves, so that they look good as new and are in perfect working order. If we do find any issues with your gutters then we will tell you immediately. If there are repairs to be done, we will write up a proposal and give you a discount on the cost of cleaning. We can even install leaf guards to protect your eaves from the accumulation of dirt, leaves and other debris so that your eaves continually protect your foundation from water damage.

Because eavestrough are such a vital part of your building, Ray’s Roof has always been adamant about our services being molded after the best possible methods available. As licensed roofers in Queens, we make certain that you aren’t cheated by over priced industry schemes with our resources.

In case you are unsure of the cost of your project, remember we offer quotes for free for all your NYC Roofing Contractor needs.

The most important factors in determining the cost of the repair or replacement of flat or low pitch roofs are roof size, complexity and height. Flat roofs come in a variety of colors and thicknesses making the potential cost range from the low to high end quite broad. Frequently we are tying flat roof systems into integrated drainage systems such as scuppers and open-face down spouts. Ray’s Roof has the experience and skilled roofers to meet your every need, this being obviously one of the reasons we are the best roofers in Queens.

Roof leaks and moisture are just a few of the common problems with flat roofs, as well as Blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind uplift resistance, billowing, poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship, lack of maintenance, ponding water, punctures and the addition of penetrations post-installation, safety, shrinkage, improper repairs, blistering, and more.

Some of the necessitated requirements for flat roofs are offered by this NYC roofing Contractor;

Flat Roof Repair and Installation Services:

Modified Bitumen/Torch Down
EPDM—rubber coating
TPO—Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply roofing
Tapered Roof Systems
Rubber Roofing
Felt and Rolled
Waterproof Roof Coating

As NYC Roofing Contractors, we have seen and dealt with so many of the problems you have read about. This is why we have no doubt we can thoroughly and efficiently take care of your Queens, New York roof repair.

Gutters are used to direct the water away from the foundation so you don’t have water running into your basement or crawlspace. It keeps the soil moisture from causing problems with your foundation. Most houses that do not have them have a wide overhang, they put a special drain using tile around the house to direct the water away from the house. The area on top of this drainage system is rock so you don’t get the mud splash from the water running off the roof.

A build-up of debris, leaves, and water can damage the structure of your roof and home forcing you to have to invest in costly repairs. We strive to provide you with valuable options to stop these problems before they start. From cluttered gutters that need regular cleaning to preventing ice dams, our professional certified installers have the experience and expertise to protect your home.

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