Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do you offer roofing guarantees?

A: Absolutely! We cannot extend guarantees outside of or beyond the manufacturer’s specified wind and damage ratings. But, we guarantee our work.

Q: Why are my shingles blowing off during small storms?

A: Many roofers do not use enough nails to install the shingles, or they improperly place the nails. We install shingles properly, allowing each shingle to get a double layer of 6 to 8 nails per shingle, depending on the size of the shingle. Our company prefers to use hand nails not machine nails.

Q: Do you provide roofing services for commercial roofs?

A: Yes! Whether you have a new construction or you need a roof repaired on a commercial roof, we will assist you with custom roofing to fit your budget and meet your needs.

Q: In which cities do you provide roofing services?

A: We server in all boroughs of New York including Nassau & Suffolk.

Q: Do you handle extremely tall or low roofs?

A: We handle all kinds of roofs. Whether your roof is flat or pitched, on a tall or low-profile building, or a combination of pitches, we are experienced at handling all roofs.