We specialize in custom stucco, stone designs, interior and exterior, stucco repair and maintenance. Whether you are looking to change from a different siding type to stucco, looking to repair cracking stucco areas of your house, or looking to simply repaint the existing stucco on your house, Ray’s Roof can handle the project.

Stucco is a cement type finish that is used on the exterior of residential and commercial buildings. If done correctly It lasts a very long time and is virtually maintenance free. It consists of a few separate processes and can differ a little bit between the various processes. Basically a water resistant paper is put on the wall, along with some metal wire that resembles chicken wire. Then the wire is stapled to the wall, with the paper to ensure that the stucco will not fall off of the wall. Then several thin layers of cement are applied to the wall and dry to a hard, solid surface.

There are a couple of processes that stucco can be applied, these are generally: three coat systems, one coat systems and eifs systems. Eifs is a process where a dense foam goes on top of the sheeting of the plywood and then two thin layers of a cement based material, on top of that. It is used on more commercial applications, as opposed to residential ones.

A Three coat system is where a water resistant paper is put on top of the sheeting and wire is nailed on top of it. Then a “scratch coat” is applied and on top of it comes the “brown coat”. The scratch is rough and promotes good adhesion of the “brown coat”. After the cement cures, (roughly 28 day) a top coat or “finish coat” is applied.

A one coat system uses a foam that is nailed to the wall and is then topped with wire, a base coat of fiber-fused cement and a finish coat. The Styrofoam takes the place of the “scratch coat” as mentioned before. The cement is about 3/8″ thick and take a little bit less time to cure


Stucco Installation

Ray’s Roof has extensive experience working on luxury homes and commercial properties in the New York area. Our many years in the stucco industry has given us the opportunity to overcome obstacles that stucco projects may present. No matter how big or small your project might be, we provide the same level of integrity on every project we complete. Put our skills to work for you.