Chimneys are very important for the house, it can leak very easily with missing and rusted flashing. We recommend by our years of experience to inspect it, flashing, bricks and motar between the bricks frequently. Our experienced and extremely hard working team is proud to serve you with quality and lasting services.

Ray’s Roof is committed to providing the highest quality roofing and chimney repairs in Nassau County and NYC. Whether it be a chimney’s cleaning in Brooklyn, a roofing repair in Long Island, or a chimney’s liner installation in Queens, you will receive the same respect and workmanship we give to all of our customers.

Reliability, Integrity and Customer Service. Ray’s Roof is always on every job making sure that it runs smooth, we also makes every customer feel at ease by educating them of any problems they may have with their chimney. Ray’s Roof has several years of experience and has seen it all so when it comes to sweeps, liners and cleaning there is no better name in the industry other than Ray’s Roof.

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Chimney Repair Installation

Keep yourself and everyone inside your home or building warm and comfortable using us for cleaning and maintaining your chimney. Our team of qualified technicians can serve your chimney needs today.

Re-Pointing with Waterproof Cement.
Masonry Work.
Installations of Chimney Cap.
Chimney Waterproofing.
Chimney Removal.