Queens Skylights.

Ray’s Roof provides new Queens skylight installation services as well as Queens skylight repair services. So whether it is a complete Queens skylight installation or a solution to a leaking situation, we can provide a permanent water proofing solution. Our years of Queens skylight installation experience and skilled application techniques have defined our company as the one to call.

Skylights are literally windows in the roof. They allow you to bring a bit of blue sky into your home. At night they can display the majesty of the stars and the moon. They can provide the interior of your home with the warmth and brightness of natural daylight. They enliven a house dramatically while cutting down the need for artificial light. They brighten up dark corners and let in lots of warmth. They can also provide much needed ventilation.

These are the positive aspects. Skylights also have the potential to cause drafts, making a room uncomfortable. They can leak in rainy weather. While they can reduce the amount of energy you might use for artificial light inside your home, they can let in extra, unwanted heat that will make your air conditioner work harder in the summer. In the winter they can allow precious heat to escape.

Fortunately, advances that have been made in the design of regular windows also apply to skylights.

Skylight Installation New York Homes

As a preferred provider of custom and standard skylights, we have developed the experience and knowledge required to produce superior results every time. We currently offer a large number of systems that enables us to provide the right product for your project. We can also create a new system or modify an existing one to meet your requirements.