How to Tend to Your Roof 

While your roof may be low on your priority list as a Long Island resident, you should still look out for signs of damage. Making necessary repairs promptly can extend your roof’s life. You can prevent a lot of headaches and save money by taking these few steps to stay ahead of roof damage.

It’s a good habit to examine your roof occasionally to make sure nothing looks out of place. If you have an attic, climb up there and look for any stains, streaks, leaks, or holes in the exterior. 

After a heavy storm, examine your shingles from the outside to see how they’re holding up. Any shingles that aren’t laying flat or appear damaged or cracked should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

Keep an eye out for any roofing sags and moss (or mold) growing in the corners. 

If you think you need Long Island roofing service, don’t put it off for too long. Reach out to professional for Long Island roofing to ensure the value of your home isn’t diminished by a roof that needs updating.